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We didn't invent the Pineapple Float, but what we did do, most people thought was impossible;

We made it better!

Hawaiian Floats® made with

Hawaiian Soft-Serve®.


Add Hawaiian Soft-Serve Floats® to Your Menu Today. 



Your patrons will experience the best refreshing treat to come along since the invention of ice cream.

And then,

They Will Tell Everyone About Your Store!


We are now offering our Hawaiian Soft-Serve Floats®, recipes, products and system, to store owners who would like to "Get On Board" this exciting new refreshment concept.



The Legend of the Hawaiian Floats®


While on a journey exploring the Hawaiian Islands, a family stumbled upon a Pineapple Plantation. Parched and dehydrated from a day long hike thru the lush forests and volcanic mountains, the plantation was a beautiful sight to behold. They were greeted at the entrance with a big Aloha and adorned with leis. The hostess could see that they were in need of refreshments and pointed them to the refreshment bar. On the menu was a Pineapple Float made with Pineapple Juice and topped with Pineapple Soft-Serve. It was something new and exotic and sounded refreshing, so they ordered one. One sip and they new this was the best kept secret of the Hawaiian Islands. It was the most refreshing treat they had ever tasted.

Upon returning home from their discovery, they could not stop thinking about and craving one of those Pineapple Floats. Having been in the frozen dessert business before, they were very familiar with making homemade ice creams and frozen yogurts. So they set up their kitchen as their laboratory, purchased a soft-serve machine and began experimenting with their own soft-serve recipes. After many trial and error, and making their entire family and all their friends taste hundreds of different recipes, they finally achieved the perfect Pineapple Float. But it did not stop there. They made Mango Floats, Orange Floats, Raspberry, Strawberry, Pina-Coladas, Mango-Coladas and 50 plus more flavor combinations. Everyone who tried one said "It's the perfect soft-serve refreshment treat". They named them "Hawaiian Floats®", and their soft-serve recipe was crowned "Hawaiian Soft-Serve®", and the "Hawaiian Floats Pineapple Float Express®" was born.

Since then, the "Hawaiian Floats Pineapple Float Express®" has attended farmers markets, arts and crafts shows, festivals and county fairs. The Hawaiian Floats® and Hawaiian Soft-Serve® recipe has been a big hit and the talk of every event. People everywhere are saying "Hawaiian Soft-Serve Floats® are Totally Awesome!" "You've Got To Have One!"

Now, you can easily add these amazing Hawaiian Soft-Serve Floats® to your menu. Contact us today!

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