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  • No trademark license agreement is required to buy from us. You can visit our on-line store and place your order today. Purchase your soft serve mix from us and use our recipes and menu ideas to create your own brand of our Hawaiian Soft-Serve Floats® concept. Develop your own trademarks, trade names, menu boards and point-of-sale materials following our "Recipes for Success".



  • Sign up as a Hawaiian Floats® Licensed Dealer and you can use our Hawaiian Floats® trademarks, Menu-boards and Professional Point-of-Sale Materials. Only our Licensed Dealers are allowed to use our Hawaiian Floats® trademarks, trade names, menu boards and copyright materials.


Either way you choose to buy, we want to be your Soft Serve Mix Distributor. Our goal is to help you make more profits and earn your business with great products, menu ideas, and customer service.


Go ahead and place your order today and start selling our refreshing and delicious Hawaiian Soft-Serve Floats®!


Our Licensed Dealer Program is simple. Basically, we allow you to use our Trademarks and System, Menu-boards and Professional Point-of-Sale Materials. In return, you agree to purchase your Soft Serve Mix and Cups exclusively from us. Check out our store and you will see that our prices are fair and competitive. It's just that easy!


All other supplies that we recommend you use to create the ultimate Hawaiian Soft-Serve Floats® is totally up to you. You can purchase many items through us or choose to purchase from other suppliers. Many items are best purchased from your local market. We are always ready to help you get the best products you need, when you need them.


If at any time you decide to end our Trademark License Agreement, just send us written notice and remove all menu-boards and materials that contain our trademarks and any copyright materials. 




To sign up for our Licensed Dealer Program just review and sign our Trademark License Agreement and purchase one of our Hawaiian Floats Menu Board Sign Packages along with an opening order of our Soft Serve Mix and Cups.

Call us or contact us through our Contact Page to request a copy of our Trademark License Agreement and we will start the process of customizing your store with our Hawaiian Floats® Brand.


We look forward to "Signing You Up" with the Hawaiian Floats® brand in your store.


Go ahead and place your order today and start selling our refreshing and delicious Hawaiian Soft-Serve Floats®!

  • Add Hawaiian Floats® To Your Existing Store Menu:


The Retail Store Dealer Program is for existing fixed retail store owners such as ice cream and yogurt shops, smoothie and coffee shops, juice shops and other such shops who would like to add our Hawaiian Soft-Serve Floats® Brand to your existing product offering. 

We provide branded menu boards, posters and other P.O.S. materials to help market and promote our exciting new brand and concept of Hawaiian Soft-Serve Floats® in your store. We can also provide equipment and training.

And we always provide excellent customer service and on-going support.

  • Hawaiian Floats Pineapple Float Express® Mobile Units:


The Mobile Unit Dealer Program is for those who would like to purchase one of our Hawaiian Floats Pineapple Float Express® concession trailers and mobile kiosk buildings and attend fairs and festivals, arts and craft shows, markets and special events,

  • Semi-Permanent Locations: Use our Mobile Units to set up semi-permanent locations in parking lots, shopping centers, theme parks and other such places.

We can provide you with a turn-key concession trailer and training. We also provide on-going support and supplies, and marketing materials ready to assist you in booking your events.

  • Convert Your Concession Trailer Into A Hawaiian Floats® Mobile Unit:

If you already own a concession trailer or food truck and would like to convert it to a Hawaiian Floats Pineapple Float Express® licensed mobile unit, we may consider this option if our quality standards and specifications are met.

Contact us and send us photos of your unit and we can provide you with a quote and specifications required. 

  • Open a New Hawaiian Floats® Store:

If you are interested in opening a new retail store with a menu dedicated exclusively to the Hawaiian Soft-Serve Floats® Concept, please let us know what type of store and location you have in mind. 

Mall Kiosks, In-Line Stores, High traffic locations.

We can provide support and guide you through the process from your initial interest, through construction, and training, to your first sale.

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